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It’s not a gung-ho shooter, combat is slower and more tactical, with all out gun-fights best being avoided.  There’s a great atmosphere in the game, with a real sense of tension and danger throughout.  It’s an intriguing game, that will keep you wondering (and dreading) what will happen next.

- AlphaBetaGamer

The real charm of this game is that it’s clearly the vision of one single person. While rough around the edges in a way that you don’t ever see in mainstream gaming, you’re going to ultimately get a more personal, interesting experience.

- Shoost

The Last Dogma is a satirical, story-driven first person adventure game with shooter and action elements.

Set in an alternate reality where US actively campaigns for world domination, you play as Sebastian Arise, an ATF special agent tasked with the tracking and eradication of local firearms dealers. A straightforward mission turns sour, thrusting you into the world of cannibalistic Christian cult known as “Holy Intentions”. Entwined in a web of intrigues between emotion-feeding daemons, Sebastian must keep his senses sharp as he travels back in 1366 A.D. to stop the things he shouldn’t stop.

- Unique dark story where you won’t meet “black and white” characters, heroes, niceness and “save the world” nonsense - Memorable and diverse soundtrack, qualitative voiceover - Advanced 3D graphics, which serves to game design, not to show off - Old school adventure system with the use of “Look,” “Investigate” and “Talk” commands - Hidden “Secret World” – an abstract anti-game universe which satirizes the game industry - Each level is unique, bringing a new feeling of atmosphere. Grand levels and claustrophobic spaces bring immersion in a deep and rich world - Physics-based puzzles and interactivity - Considerable amount of well-hidden secrets