Update 17: Pre-Order Announcement, Voiceover Snippet, Avatars

March 1, 2014 / 0 Comments /

1) Since I want to make the game look even more better, but I can’t start Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaigns, I’ll start to accept pre-orders soon, on the game site. The price will be 14.99$, you’ll get the final version of the game (after release), its in-development build and exclusive pre-order content (in 12-24 hours after payment).2) All enemies in the game finally have been voiced. Here’s a short snippet with a new voice acting from the game (not directly from the game though):

Promo page with information about voice actors:

http://www.lastdisbeliever.com/voice-actors/3) And these are three new in-game avatars for the main character and NPCs (yes, horse is an NPC too):Sebastian (in development)

Jacob (final)

Horse (final)

Let me know what you think about Sebastian look, it’s still in development and may change.



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